How the iPhone SE compares to the Pixel 5a

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How the iPhone SE compares to the Pixel 5a
Google's latest addition to the Pixel line-up, the Pixel 5a, ships today. While Apple also features a low(er) cost phone within the iPhone SE, the 2 smartphones do not have much in common. The Pixel 5a offers 5G capability, an OLED screen and two camera lenses. The iPhone SE offers LTE, a Retina screen and one lens. But the iPhone SE uses Apple's A13 chip, while the Pixel 5a runs the Snapdragon 765G processor. Computerworld Executive Editor Ken Mingis and Macworld Executive Editor Michael Simon join Juliet to debate how the 2 phones compare.

Putting aside the argument of iOS vs Android for a flash , both of those phones offer tremendous value. While neither handset has the newest specs, they also don’t desire low-end budget phones either, even in comparison to the present flagships.

We haven’t tried the Pixel 5a yet, but supported our experiences with the Pixel 4a (which has an equivalent processor and camera), you’re getting a superb 5G phone for an excellent price. However, the processor worries us a touch . It felt a touch pokey last year, so after a year of use, we’re unsure how well it'll perform. And if performance lags, it doesn’t matter how great the camera or battery life is.

So despite the outdated design and display and so-so battery life, we recommend the iPhone SE (and not simply because we’re Macworld). Ultimately our smartphones are limited by the capabilities of the processor, and therefore the iPhone SE’s A13 is head and shoulders over the Snapdragon 765 within the Pixel 5a. Whether you’re paying $399 or $999 on a replacement phone, you would like it to last, and therefore the iPhone SE is certain to try to to that.

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